Phil Clarke’s Business blog: Earning hard cash

An innovative idea from an agricultural accountant is featured this weekend on Phil Clarke’s Business Blog  – our regular offering of news and views from beyond the farm gate.

Entitled “Cunning plan to earn hard cash”, the blog posting outlines how one farmer/accountant plans to cash in on the current slump in the stock market by selling off his junk on eBay and then investing the proceeds.

“It’s a ridiculously simple idea, but one I wish I’d thought of,” says Farmers Weekly economics editor, Phil Clarke.

Another recent posting on the blog takes a look at the Cheese Development Group – a dedicated supply chain being developed by Sainsbury’s in partnership with Milk Link.

While applauding the move as positive for farmer and retailer alike, Phil Clarke says there is one glaring hole – and that is the lack of any price premium.

“Dairy farmers in a dedicated supply chain for something with a premium value like Cheddar should be rewarded with a premium price,” he says.

“If it’s available to producers supplying drinking milk for Sainsbury’s via Wisemans, why not for milk producers supplying Cheddar for Sainsbury’s via Milk Link?”

There’s also something for sheep producers as Phil Clarke comments on the latest forecasts from EBLEX, and for cereal growers  as he looks at the impact of climate change on crop yields.

* For more news and views from the world of agri-business, log on to Phil Clarke’s Business Blog and add it to your list of favourites.

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