Very good quality for wheat cut before the rain

Wheat crops cut before the rain during August were “very good quality”, according to the first results from the Home Grown Cereals Authority’s annual Cereal Quality survey.

But while early estimates suggest the average Hagberg Falling number of 355 seconds was significantly better than last year’s final estimate of 255 seconds, the situation could change when results from crops harvested after the rain are included.

“These results represent 25% of the harvest which was cut before the wet weather in August, so there is scope for this number to change by the final results,” said HGCA economist, Michael Archer.

Because these first results are taken from over 12,000 samples sent to the HGCA by August 30, data is also skewed towards earlier cut varieties in southern and eastern regions and from crops cut before mid-August.

Key wheat results:

Nabim group    Moisture %   Specific weight (kg/hl)   Hagberg falling number (sec) Protein % 
 1  14.2  76.8  376  13.7
 2  14.4  78.3  358   12.8
 3  14.4  76.2  323


Barley also showed good quality, with average specific weights of 67.9kg/hl, which is above last season’s GB average of 67.1kg/hl.

Key barley results:

Variety  Moisture %  Specific weight (kg/hl)  Nitrogen %  Screenings (% through 2.25mm sieve)  Screenings (% retained in 2.5mm sieve)
 Pearl  13.2  68.2  1.77  3.2   90
 Optic  14.9  67.5   1.71  4.0  83.3

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