AHDB campaign champions benefits of meat and dairy

Farmers have been urged to get involved in a £1.5m TV-led campaign to promote the nutritional benefits of meat and dairy products.

The AHDB’s “Eat Balanced” campaign will hit TV screens in the new year to counter the tide of misinformation pushed by proponents of plant-based food.

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Working with stakeholders and industry partners across the meat and dairy sectors, the AHDB said the campaign delivered a collaborative and concerted message. 

Farming drum beat

It has been built around three key messages, which the AHDB said could become a drum beat for the industry:

  1. Meat and dairy contain vitamin B12, an essential nutrient not naturally present in a vegan diet
  2. Red meat and dairy from Britain is produced to world-class food and farming standards
  3. Red meat and dairy from Britain is among the most sustainable in the world.

The campaign will also appear on social media, digital and supermarket packaging.

As part of the drive, the AHDB wants farmers to get involved and share their stories on social media.

It has suggested six ways to get involved and spread the message. ​

Six ways to spread the message

  1. Download the free assets and share them on social channels​ from 4 January
  2. Post on Facebook and Twitter and use #WeEatBalanced ​
  3. Search #WeEatBalanced and retweet posts
  4. On Twitter, click the icon located at the top right part of the tweet and select it to pin the message to a profil​e
  5. Use the WeEatBalanced Twibbon to add it to a profile picture on Twitter
  6. Change Facebook profile pictures

As well as the advertising campaign, the AHDB has set up a consumer-facing website WeEatBalanced.com 

The site, which will go live when the campaign starts, will provide facts about the benefits of eating a balanced diet.​

“Our farmers operate to some of the highest standards in the world, and this campaign aims to balance the negative commentary around farming,” said Christine Watts,. the levy board’s chief marketing officer.

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