NVZs – Dairy farms: What will the calculation look like?

Farmers Weekly has teamed up with Andersons, the farm business consultant, to calculate the slurry storage requirement for a fictional, 100ha dairy unit with 150 cows yielding 7500 litres a year, used by Andersons for budgeting purposes.

The example below demonstrates the calculation for slurry storage and the whole-farm N loading limit.

dairy slurry calculation

Getting it together

  • Check whether all or part of your farm falls into an NVZ. Visit www.magic.gov.uk and select “NVZ options”
  • Order copies of DEFRA’s guidance by phoning 0845 955 6000 or download at http://tiny.cc/nvzguides
  • Take advice The Environment Agency helpline is available until 31 March. Call 0845 345 1302

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