Tell new entrants farming is a dynamic not dying industry – Donald Curry

GOVERNMENT ADVISER DONALD CURRY has spoken about the need to attract new blood into the farming industry.

Speaking at the Royal Show, Sir Donald said many commentators focused on the farmers and workers leaving agriculture, but the industry still needed new entrants.

“Indeed as we come to terms with the changes and opportunities presented by CAP reform, we can identify new challenges and a real need for new entrants.

“This is not a dying industry, this is a dynamic industry.”

Sir Donald’s comments came as he announced three new alliances as part of the Fresh Start initiative.

The new developments are:

  • An extension to the Growing Routes service operating in Yorkshire and Humberside. Barclays is part-funding a mentor programme to the tune of £30,000.

  • The development of a relationship with organisations working in the field of farmer retirement, including the Arthur Rank Centre and the Farm Crisis Network

  • The promotion of a strategy produced by the National Pig Association designed to help workers develop opportunities in the pig sector

Fresh start was launched in Nov 2004 with a series of sign-posting leaflets and a remit to improve the image of the industry.



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