Video: Farmers Apprentice 2018 episode 6 – watch the final

After four days packed with gruelling challenges, we have reached the final day of bootcamp.

But before we announce the winner of Farmers Apprentice 2018 the teams have something a little different in store.

Farmers Apprentice is part of Farmers Weekly’s commitment to ensuring we have the best young minds entering UK agriculture. But we know the work of engaging young people with farming needs to start a lot earlier than 18-25 year olds.

With that in mind, on the first day of bootcamp we tasked the apprentices, working in teams led by Ben and Mitchell, to create a presentation to deliver to a group of 8-10 year-old school children at Wombridge Primary in Telford.

This isn’t just any primary school though. Led by their headmaster Neil Satoor (Farmers Weekly’s Farming Champion 2017), the staff at Wombridge have been working hard to build a connection between their children and the rural environment.

The children grow their own herbs and vegetables on-site, have lessons on the food chain to understand where their food comes from and, importantly, have regular field trips to visit a farm in the local Shropshire countryside.

So for the final task we have 15 tough judges!

Ben seemed at home as team leader; his team explored what farming may look like in the year 2100. Mitchell and his team focussed on why we should care where our food comes from.

The teams were allowed to use any tools necessary to help engage the young audience, and they had all week to work on the task – there were lots of late nights, supermarket dashes and no little discussion on the direction of the presentations.

Tune in to see how the teams got on with this final task and find out who is crowned Farmers Apprentice 2018 and walks away with £10,000 to invest in their farming dreams.

Watch the latest episode now and you can catch up with the previous episodes or on our YouTube channel.