FW Farming Champion Award 2022: Call for nominations

Farming needs its champions now more than ever – so do you know one?

Farmers Weekly will be naming its Farming Champion once again this year, and we’d love to hear your suggestions for worthy candidates.

We’re looking for an individual who has gone over and above the call of duty in the past 12 months to support or strengthen British farming.

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The 2021 winner was Jeremy Clarkson, whose hit TV show Clarkson’s Farm showcased the realities of agriculture to millions of viewers.

They enjoyed his outspoken views on farming and no-nonsense approach. It also brought an understanding of many of the issues faced by farmers to the public – from disappearing profit margins to the challenges of diversification.

In 2020, it was Welsh farmer Abi Reader who took the honours. Her high media and social media profile highlighted all that’s great about British farming, and she was at the heart of conversations on topics as varied as the environment, animal welfare and bovine TB.

But it won’t necessarily be someone in the public eye or a celebrity who takes home this coveted trophy in 2022.

Other years have seen it won by people for their charity work or for lobbying supermarkets to display milk in more prominent in-store spots.

One year it was even awarded to the headteacher of a primary school for ensuring kids learned more about farming and food.

It could be someone who has campaigned for justice for British farmers, promoted the value of farming to the public or developed business models that benefit the wider industry rather than solely their own farm.

Whatever our 2022 champion has done, they’ll have been selfless in their efforts to help farming, farmers or rural families and communities. 

You can nominate a relative, friend, neighbour, colleague or someone you’ve never met, but simply admire. It’s fine to put yourself forward, too. All we need is a name and a brief sense of how this person champions agriculture. 

How to make a nomination

Just send an email, telling us who you’d like to nominate, and why, and include any supporting information if you can. We’ll even keep your name confidential if you ask us to.

Email your nomination to alma.watson@markallengroup.com

Farmers Weekly Awards 2022

The 2022 Farmers Weekly Farming Champion of the Year Award is sponsored by the NFU.

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