Lucerne could fill the forage gap

Providing high quality dry matter in the form of dehydrated Lucerne is worth looking at now, before stocks get low, advises Dengie Crops product manager Trevor Rees.

“Feeding 2-4kg dehydrated Lucerne can replace up to 12kg of silage on a dry matter basis,” explains Mr Rees. “As a concentrated forage with 18% protein, Lucerne contains high levels of digestible fibre alongside natural pH, buffering the cows rumen.”

“When considering alternative sources of forage, cost a tonne of dry matter offered is key to profitability and dehydrated Lucerne provides high levels of good quality dry matter.”

Available in either big baled or pellet form, dehydrated Lucerne brings good levels of quality digestible fibre to the diet and coupled with its high pH helps to buffer the cows rumen.

Contact Trevor Rees (; 07802 829 525) for more information.