Milk solids production: How UK and Holland compare

Producers are being encouraged increase cow efficiency by targeting 1.5kg of fat and protein per kg of liveweight per lactation to gear themselves to meet requirements of solids-driven milk contracts.

Speaking at Kite’s two-day conference, which took place in Warrington, Cheshire, last week, the consultants’ David Levick explained many Dutch producers were already hitting this target.

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“They have been choosing fat and protein for 25-30 years with their genetics and feeding and breeding programmes so it’s no surprise they are ahead of us, but how do we overtake them?”

To help answer this question Kite has launched its 1.5 Project, in conjunction with Asda, and has also been running study trips to Holland to capitalise on Dutch learnings.

Below, Mr Levick outlined how UK and Dutch systems compared and how a 2p/litre advantage could be realised by upping fat and protein production.