We won’t be joining milk protests

The good news is that grass has been growing well and I have even managed to put up another lean-to, although there were times when I thought I should be using the wood to build an ark. If it’s not the weather we are complaining about, it’s the milk price.

While I commend those that are protesting, I will not be taking part myself, nor will I be dumping milk. I consider we made a long-term commitment to the future of the dairy industry when we joined and invested in a milk co-operative. We can only hope that the situation can turn around as fast as the weather has.

Little Olivia seems to be growing well and has a good set of lungs. But Olivia is not the only addition we have had to the family. A trip to the local show resulted in Sam buying a few more chickens.

I was tasked with the simple job of getting them out of the box and into the shed; you can imagine my dismay when one of the prized Polish birds took off out the door and across the yard.

You may remember that we started to restore the old tractor last November. We have finally finished it and the problem now is that everyone is afraid to use it for fear of scratching it. The workman was brave enough to use it the other day, only to come back very sheepish after the starter motor caught fire.

Julian Ellis milks milks 150 Guernsey cows on 158ha at Land’s End, Cornwall. The farm rears followers and store cattle and grows spring barley, spring cabbage, fodder beat and kale

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