Cereals 2021: Izona shows low-disturbance subsoiler

After stealing the limelight with its direct-drill launch at Groundswell, Izona hit the Cereals showground with a low-disturbance subsoiler designed to crack compacted ground without causing too much disruption.

Izona subsoiler

© MAG/Edward Mowbray

It is available with eight legs across 4m or 12 legs in 6m format, spaced at 500mm centres. There is a 750mm gap between the two staggered rows to maintain trash flow when working through long stubble or cover crops.

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A spring-loaded, pivoting disc in front of each of the 15mm-wide hardened steel legs helps slice through the ground to keep soil movement to a minimum.

However, those after a bit more disturbance can opt for 115mm or 135mm wings as an alternative to the narrow 55mm points. A 600mm V-profile press roller follows the legs to consolidate the surface. 

The subsoiler folds to a 2.7m transport width and comes with a lighting bar for road travel.