Devon firm develops simple tine-and-harrow grass rejuvenator

Tractek Engineering has launched a new 2m-wide grassland rejuvenation tool that combines spring-loaded scarifying tines with a traditional chain harrow mat.

The nattily named Scarrow is the first implement produced by the new Devonian manufacturing start-up established by agricultural engineer Jeremy Burgess.

Pairing the two elements provides an effective means of perking up tired swards, he says, with the front tines tearing through compacted mole hills and dung pats.

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The following harrow mat then evenly distributes that material, as well as ripping out thatch and moss, breaking up clods and generally aerating and levelling the surface.

In some cases, this will be done in preparation for overseeding, either with a fresh grass or multispecies mix, to thicken and diversify swards or repair poached pasture.

For this, the company recommends making two field passes in opposing directions – typically at a fast walking pace for an output of a little over 1ha/hour – followed by a third with its spinning-disc broadcaster attached.

This is held to the frame via a single bolt and has a 43-litre/35kg hopper with a simple sliding shutter at its base to regulate the flow.

A 12V motor, powered directly from the tractor’s battery, rotates both the internal stainless-steel agitator and the single distribution disc.

The latter is turned on/off and sped up or slowed down via a control unit on a telescopic arm.

This allows operators to alter the spreading width to suit different crop mixes, and it can also be set up for low-volume granular fertiliser applications.

List price of the fully galvanised Scarrow is £1,100, plus another £300 for the seeder unit and accompanying bracket.

The current version is designed for 20hp-plus compact tractors and comes with a three-point linkage, but a trailed version for ATVs and large lawn tractors is now in the works.

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