Lightweight 15m Duo dribble bar extends SlurryKat range

SlurryKat has unveiled a new Premium Plus dribble bar with a 15m wingspan, which it says offers a healthy bump in output over the 7.5-12m second-generation Duo range launched in 2020.

That makes it the Northern Irish firm’s largest vertical folding model, with trials of prototypes and early production machines delivering flow rates of up to 300cu m/hour or roughly 60,000gal/hour.

The Duo dual-purpose system is favoured by contractors requiring the flexibility to run it in an umbilical system when combined with the firm’s Bak-Pak reeler and up to 1,200m of hose, or on the back of a tanker for direct spreading.

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The galvanised booms have a triple-fold system and, in their transport position, are angled inwards to keep them clear of branches protruding from road edges.

Transport height is just 3.2m – the same as the 7.5m model – and, despite the extra 3m boom width, it weighs less than the 12m second-gen version.

Spec includes loading-sensing hydraulics as standard, while Isobus control and a flow meter are optional extras.

Prices start from £24,250.


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