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Farm bags a bargain with self-propelled umbilical setup

Umbilical slurry application might be a great tool to make the most of slurry nutrients while limiting compaction, but it can also be painfully time-consuming. Somerset contractor Matthew Targett believes…


Thompson Brothers' bespoke umbilical slurry pumping trailer

With the hourly cost of running a tractor soaring, Lancashire farming and contracting outfit Thompson Brothers decided to build a self-contained, remotely controlled umbilical pumping trailer. This would save its…


Martin Desborough's Tramspread and custom pumping trailers

For the past three years, Herefordshire contractor Martin Desborough has been spreading slurry using a remote-controlled pumping trailer built by Suffolk firm Tramspread. He purchased the 2015 model second-hand from…


Graham Hayllar's custom umbilical slurry pumping trailer

Cumbrian contractor and agricultural engineer Graham Hayllar built his first slurry pumping trailer more than 25 years ago and has since added two more to his fleet. The idea for…


Lightweight 15m Duo dribble bar extends SlurryKat range

SlurryKat has unveiled a new Premium Plus dribble bar with a 15m wingspan, which it says offers a healthy bump in output over the 7.5-12m second-generation Duo range launched in…


How slurry and forage analysis is benefiting from NIR tech

Adopting precision techniques more commonly used in the arable industry is allowing livestock and grassland enterprises at Myerscough College to run more efficiently. Following access to grant funding, the college…


Advice on setting up the perfect umbilical slurry system

Spreading slurry through an umbilical system can be vastly more efficient than running tankers, but it’s not always a practical proposition for every farm, particularly those with outlying ground a…


Farm-built dribble bar improves contractor's slurry accuracy

It wasn’t that long ago that slurry was considered a nuisance rather than a commodity, constantly threatening to overwhelm the lagoons and towers built to contain it. But as on-farm…


Universal dribble bar reduces costs for slurry contractor

Contractor A&J Slurry has tried just about every brand of pump, reeler and spreading set-up going, but the firm thinks its latest dribble bar from Irish company Mastek has made…


Wiltshire contractor doubles output with smart slurry pump

Umbilical slurry spreading is definitely a Marmite job – some people just can’t get enough of it, while for many it’s something to steer well clear of. The traditional set-up…

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