Archive Article: 1998/06/05

5 June 1998

REDUCE the effects microbes such as E coli and coccidiosis can have on stock health using Biosuper disinfectant in housing and on bedding, says UK supplier Harbro Farm Sales.

The disinfectant is said to be suitable for use in pig, poultry, cattle and sheep housing. Harbro recommends its use to reduce spread of diseases such as E coli, coccidiosis, dysentery, mastitis, joint-ill, watery mouth, diarrhoea and lameness.

Biosuper is supplied as a dry powder, so it can also be spread on bedding, slats or floors to soak up moisture and neutralise odours, it adds.

Cost is £17.50 for a 25kg bag (01888-568882, fax 01888-563939).

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