English pig groups unite

09 August 1999

English pig groups unite

By FWi staff

TWO major pig marketing groups in the South of England have joined forces in a move to sell one million finished pigs and more than half a million weaners a year.

Thames Valley Pigs and Cambac Pig Sales will become Thames Valley Cambac in the New Year, operating across an area from the Midlands to the south and south-west of England.

Charles Allen, chairman of the new company, said the two marketing groups have a great deal in common.

“By coming together we are well positioned to provide our major outlets with the quality of pig they require,” he added.

Tim Culley, managing director of Cambac, said the pig industry was contracting on production and he expects slaughtering to do the same. By forming the new group they would be stronger, he added.

Mr Culley believes that by working closely together, the company would get the best for the industry.

“And well be working closely with our suppliers to enhance their businesses, he said.”

Contracts are expected to work on a 12-month rolling basis, although details are not expected until October, when the final plans have been made.

This announcement comes just days after British Pig Industry Support Group (BPISG) members criticised a number of marketing groups over their current performance.

Producers claimed at a series of meetings with marketing groups, organised by the BPISG, that their bargaining power had been reduced by initial contracts which lock suppliers in for 12 months.

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