Farmers on the east coast braced for floods

Farmers on the east coast of England are being urged to move livestock amid forecasts of a storm surge that could lead to flooding.

Coastal communities are being warned to be prepared for large waves and possible flooding throughout Friday into Saturday morning.

Counties particularly at risk include Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

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The morning high tide in Lincolnshire passed without incident on Friday (13 January), but forecasters said the risk would continue for another 24 hours.

Lincolnshire farmers are being warned to move animals and livestock away from the coast in an affected flood area from Donna Nook down to Gibraltar Point.

Livestock should be moved further inland away from the flood risk area if possible, said Lincolnshire County Council.

Where animals couldn’t be moved, livestock pens should be deep-bedded to above 0.5m to increase the height of livestock away from water.

Farmers should also take preventative action by using straw bales and hay bales around animal housing to try to prevent water ingress, said the council.

East coast flood warnings

Map with flood warnings

© Environment Agency

Gale force winds combining with high tides are likely to result in large waves carrying dangerous debris – including rocks, said the Environment Agency.

The agency is also urging people to check their flood risk on and to take extreme care near the coast, avoiding walking along coastal paths.

Flooded roads and properties

Environment Agency national duty manager Mark Sitton-Kent said coastal roads and properties could be flooded.

“We understand that powerful tides can be dramatic, but please do not put yourself at unnecessary risk by going to the coast for a thrill or to take pictures.

“We are prepared to take action wherever it is needed. We have moved resources and equipment to the coast and the army is on standby to assist if needed.”