Farmer Focus : Kevin Littleboy

THE ELECTION budget reconfirmed my views that Rt Hon Gordon Brown really does believe he is the modern day equivalent of Robin Hood, without a mask that is.

While I accepted those of us who have filthy habits like smoking and drinking would be taxed more, I had no idea I would wish to be over 65 years old. Mr Brown is a wise old bird though, as this pensioners” give away budget will all be clawed back again next year when Labour institute the revaluing of property for the Council Tax.

There were roughly 300 important criminal offences on the statute book if one excludes all the minor offences. Since 1997 the ruling party has introduced a further 87 offences. Has not Britain just been involved in a skirmish to get rid of a dictator?

I wonder whether the words – democratically free country – should be redefined as I am sure there can”t be many people who truly believe that we are that. With more and more rules and regulations we actually can”t be far off being classified as living in a dictatorship.

Oral rehydration therapy liquid is used here on the farm for twin lamb disease. It is also a little known fact this liquid sells exceptionally well at city centre chemist shops where universities are located. This fact remained a mystery to me until recently as there aren”t many sheep in the middle of universities.

I also have always accepted my shepherd”s explanation of why we need this liquid – our many darling ewes with triplets need special care and attention.

Well the secret is out – it is an exceptionally good hangover cure. I always wondered why Wayne looked so bloody well in the morning after a good party, when everybody else was suffering. On that note just off to Farmway at Thirsk to get three boxes of …

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