4 June 1999


&#8226 MEMBERS of the public will be invited to "Meet The Farmer" at the South of England show from Jun 10-12.

Freshly cooked lamb will also be given away to highlight the role of sheep in the conservation of the South Downs.

"Centuries of farming has shaped some of our best known landscapes, such as the South Downs, and we will be urging the general public to eat British and protect the landscape," said Isobel Bretherton, NFU south east public relations officer.

&#8226 THE 1999 Sir William Young award for outstanding services to livestock breeding in Scotland has gone to Ian Wilmut who led the team that produced the first mammalian clone, Dolly the sheep, at the Roslin Institute, near Edinburgh. The award is administered by the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland and will be presented to Prof Wilmut during a society board meeting on July 21.

&#8226 THE maximum compensation payable in June for cattle slaughtered because of brucellosis will be £501.

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