Linseed – dont sow it too late

29 September 1997

Linseed – dont sow it too late

LATE sowing could account for some of the disappointment with winter linseed this harvest, according to the co-ordinator of a two-year HGCA project.

Dry weather last autumn meant oilseed germination across the UK was often poor, says Huw Phillips of Scottish Agronomy. "A lot of winter linseed that went in after oilseed rape failed." Other growers decided to switch to linseed after the window for oilseed rape sowing closed, he believes.

Either way they missed the optimum sowing date, he explains. HGCA trials in 1995/96 showed early to mid-September sowings gave the best establishment, he notes.

Optimum seed rate in 1995/96 was 650 seeds/sq m. "But for a margin of safety 900-1000/sq m is suggested."

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