Press ring ditches spokes

18 September 1998

Press ring ditches spokes

A NEW design of press ring – the shape of which is said to improve the effectiveness of the implement through automatically maintaining the tightness between the rings – has been introduced by Simba International.

Each Double disc blade is in two sections, each of which resembles a large dinner plate. These are placed back to back on the axle, where they maintain inter disc tension by, effectively, acting as large spring washers.

Soil consolidation is by the narrow ridge formed by the plate edges and the wide shoulder. The latter feature is stated to both increase the pressing action and each discs load bearing area, so enabling the implement to travel better in wet conditions or on lighter soils.

Other advantages of the design, says Simba, are that as the ring has no spokes it is not as susceptible to damage from shock loadings and less prone to the kind of blockages which may affect a normal cast ring.

The Double disc blade is to be offered as an option on the companys presses next season. Price of a 3.3m Cultipress fitted with the discs will be approximately £13,900. &#42

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