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Blackgrass is a major problem facing cereal growers in the UK. Herbicide resistance and glyphosate regulation means that farmers need to use a combination of chemical and cultural controls. See the latest advice on stopping the spread and how to use an integrated approach to tackle this prolific grassweed.

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Expert advice on using rotations to tackle blackgrass hotspots

Severe blackgrass infestations are costly for farmers, resulting in large reductions in yield, as well as adding £100/ha or more to herbicide costs. The good news is that a combination…


What the new spring weed killing herbicides offer

The arrival of several new herbicides for use in the spring gives wheat growers greater flexibility with the control of surviving grass weeds this year and allows a more targeted…


How to prevent glyphosate resistance in blackgrass

There is still time for farmers to help prevent the development of glyphosate-resistant blackgrass, which one expert believes is just a few years away. Many of the ingredients are in…


Why spring crops are a better bet than autumn-drilled ones

Spring crops are less risky than autumn-drilled alternatives and could help growers cope better with the uncertainties of leaving the European Union, with naked oats and oilseed rape seen as…

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Farmer Focus: New set-up drills 500ha of wheat in 60 hours

All the winter wheat is drilled, rolled and sprayed, with some of the best seed-beds we have ever achieved, other than a couple of wet holes. I’m amazed considering the…


Farmer Focus: Stale seed-beds work a treat on blackgrass

Harvest took 61 days to complete and I was beginning to think it would never end - I’ve literally just parked the combine up to write this. Thanks to Dean…


Farmer Focus: Drone deployed to map blackgrass burden

Harvest has kicked off to a damp start across the country. Winter barley here was hampered slightly by the weather, but luckily it was able to be combined dry. With…


Farmer Focus: Blackgrass levels in wheat disappoint

What a difference from a month ago, when we were in "drought mode". Just-in-time rainfall revived stressed crops and restored hope for a reasonable harvest, although the welcome wetter weather…

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Case studies


Why a Sussex farmer is changing his crop rotation

Sussex farmer Mark Chandler is searching for the best cropping combination for his farm near Petworth that will deliver blackgrass benefits and enable his first wheats to achieve double-digit yields. …


Blackgrass battle looks winnable for Suffolk grower

Suffolk grower Andrew Colchester has taken a big step towards banishing blackgrass on his farm by radically changing his cultivation strategy and beefing up his herbicide programme. He had seen…


How moving less soil helped farmer thwart blackgrass

A Cambridgeshire grower is starting to overcome a costly blackgrass problem after moving from a ploughing approach to a min-till cultivation strategy. Since adopting shallow tillage and widening the farm’s…


Inventor builds herbicide-resistant seed crusher

With the address not recognised by the hired Holden SR8’s sat nav system or Google Maps, a stop at the Darkan roadhouse for directions was needed to track down Western…

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How an Aussie invention can help improve weed control

The use of a combine chaff deck at harvest, which dumps the chaff along with most of the weed seeds in the tramlines, was so encouraging last summer for one…


How an Australian approach could beat blackgrass

A unique research and knowledge transfer initiative is helping Australian grain producers tackle their most damaging agronomic threat – herbicide-resistant weeds. In the UK, each major agrochemical and distribution group…

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Growers urged to cut blackgrass threat by leaving soils alone

Blackgrass sufferers are urged to wait before cultivating fields as the grassweed’s seed is unlikely to germinate in such dry soils. Soil cultivations risk burying any blackgrass seed under the…


Crop Watch: Growers count cost of drought and blackgrass

A lack of rainfall in recent weeks may have helped curb some disease threats such as potato blight in the North, but there are growing concerns on the impact of…


Cereals 2018: Bayer to launch new blackgrass killer in 2019

Agrochemical giant Bayer is set to launch a new pre-emergence herbicide in autumn 2019 that will give 10% better control of blackgrass in winter wheat than the group’s main grassweed…


Crop Watch: Rust pressure remains high in wheat

The improved weather in recent weeks has seen wheat fungicide timings get back on schedule with the T3 ear sprays being currently applied. However, the rust threat remains high, as…

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Test and reviews

New Defy 3D nozzle: Sprayer operators give their verdict

Agrochemical giant Syngenta has launched its new Defy 3D spray nozzle, which will provide growers with improved grassweed control and reduced spray drift. The new nozzle is an evolution of…

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Video: The plan that battered blackgrass in 12 months

Three Cambridgeshire growers are fighting back against a heavy yield penalty imposed by blackgrass with a new establishment system and have seen a dramatic turnaround in just 12 months. Declining…


Video: Advice on autumn establishment and weed control

There are four core factors that determine the success of an autumn established wheat crop – soil and seed-bed quality, weed control, timing and herbicide application. Laying the foundations of…


Video: Grower cuts fuel costs as new drill hits blackgrass

The need to slash soaring fuel costs while tackling blackgrass at the same time has led to a wholesale change in establishment system on one Leicestershire estate. Farming 1,130ha of…


Video: Spring crops and no-till vital in blackgrass fight

Heavy land growers wanting to put a serious dent in their blackgrass burden must turn to spring cropping and consider direct drilling – that’s the top message from Project Lamport this year.…

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