DEFRA launches new pesticides strategy

The government has today (23 March) published its revised strategy for the sustainable use of plant protection products.

The UK-wide strategy outlines what action should be taken to minimise the environmental impact of plant protection products and focuses on five key areas, including, water, biodiversity, product availability, amenity use and amateur use.

Welcoming the publication of this strategy, which follows last year’s public consultation, Lord Bach, Minister for Sustainable Farming and Food, said:

“It will provide a framework for reducing the impact of pesticides on the environment, beyond that already provided by the rigorous approvals process.

“The action plans within the strategy will now be taken forward, which will allow further involvement of a wide range of stakeholders in this important area.”

The ‘Pesticides and the Environment: a strategy for the sustainable use of plant protection products’ is a joint announcement by DEFRA, Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department, the National Assembly for Wales and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Northern Ireland.

Copies are available via DEFRA Publications (08459 556000) or will be posted on the Pesticides Safety Directorate’s website,