Don’t delay on grass margins

Don’t forget to establish two-metre grass margins this autumn – it could save you money.

The margins must be established after harvest to meet cross-compliance rules in England, says Grainfarmers UAP environmental seeds specialist, Toby Green.

“After this DEFRA confirms that no cultivation is allowed, leaving natural regeneration the only option.”

At a seed cost of £2-3/acre over the 8-10 year life of the margin, Mr Green says establishing an easy-to-manage slow growing sward now will be the most economical option.

“Natural regeneration will allow dominant weeds such as brome and blackgrass to flourish which can spread into crops and act as a host for ergot. These margins will also require extra mowing.”

More information on suitable mixes can be found in Advanta’s Enhancing the Countryside guide obtainable on 01962 794048

For more information on cross-compliance in England go to

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