Natural England to highlight Environmental Stewardship options

Natural England will focus at Cereals on providing information and advice to arable farmers and agents on Environmental Stewardship.

There will be information for farmers wishing to renew their ELS agreement, and how they can do so online – with guided demonstrations available – as well as a chance to discuss HLS opportunities.

Natural England advisers will be on hand to answer any questions and it will have a farm-scale model on display to talk through the options available to farmers.

The farm-scale model provides an interactive means of demonstrating practically a wide range of ELS options – very important for arable farm businesses in 2010.

Natural England is supporting the Campaign for Farmed Environment (CFE) – a voluntary farmer initiative to retain the environmental benefits provided by former set-aside land. In order to support the campaign, the stand will have a farm wildlife theme and will be part of the campaign trail at the event.

Advisers from Natural England will be working in partnership with Kings Game Cover and Conservation Crops, who will be demonstrating various Campaign and Environmental Stewardship options on their crop plots at Cereals.

Options such as pollen and nectar mixes, grass margins and wild bird seed mixes will be on show for farmers and agents to see them working in practice and gain a better understanding of arable conservation.

With over 12,000 farmers looking to renew their ELS agreements this year alongside the removal of former management plan options coupled with many more farmers demonstrating interest in the Campaign, these demo plots will show key in field and field edge options suitable for interested farm businesses.

Natural England works with farmers and land managers through the provision of free advice and specific grants to enhance the natural environment and support farm businesses.

All English farmers can access advice and grants in order to support their farm business, in particular through Environmental Stewardship. The average farmer in ELS receives £4000 per annum, while through HLS £18,000 per annum, by carrying out environmental work on their farms such as sowing a wild bird seed mixture or leaving stubbles over winter.

In times of commodity price volatility, Environmental Stewardship provides a regular, six-monthly stable income while demonstrating farmers’ commitment to the environment which can have positive effects for assurance schemes and diversification projects.

• Cereals 2010 exhibitor infomration as supplied by Natural England.

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