New advice on container disposal

FRESH ADVICE on the safe disposal of pesticide containers under proposed new waste regulations, is now available to farmers, the Crop Protection Association has announced.

The rules, which are due to come into effect in England and Wales early in 2006, prohibit the open burning or burial of pesticide containers on farms and farmers need to plan alternative disposal methods now, said Voluntary Initiative manager, Patrick Goldsworthy.

Changes to agricultural waste legislation are also expected in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Farmers’ best practice revolves around minimising the amount of packaging, thorough cleaning and then choosing a contractor with care.”

Although farmers will be able to use a drum incinerator for another 12 months, their only legal disposal option in the future will be to use a professional recycling or disposal contractor, he said.

Another revised best practice guide covers emergency procedures, suspected poisoning or contamination of sprayer operators or third parties, fire, spills and leaks, as well as theft.

“Accidents can and do happen, but good planning reduces the risk and ensures prompt, correct action can be taken if the worst happens,” he added.

The best practice guides will be given to those attending the VI Autumn Roadshows, or they can be downloaded from

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