West: T0 time to top-up trace elements

Following nitrogen applications, winter oilseed rape crops are starting to extend and it is time to consider whether to apply a growth regulating fungicide now or to wait until the green/yellow bud stage.

The decision will be made taking the Green Area Index into account and varying application rate according to crop growth. Strong, sustained growth is required before application.

We are approaching the time for T0 fungicides in wheat; they usually are applied around March 20th. There is mildew in most crops as well as septoria. Wheat will very often grow away from mildew so whether a specific mildewicide should be added at the T0 stage is a matter of opinion.

The decision will be made depending on varietal susceptibility and severity of the mildew. T0 is a good time also to correct trace element deficiencies, with manganese being the most obvious requirement at present. 

Atlantis will be applied to many crops this week as blackgrass is now growing well.

Mildew, net blotch and rhynchosporium can be found in most winter barley crops. It is too early yet for a T1 fungicide but some crops have received a mildewicide where the mildew is particularly severe.

Spring drilling is going ahead and in both cereal and bean crops and pre-emergence herbicides are being applied.

Many growers are preparing ground for maize. Before applying farm yard manure it is worth assessing weed growth and applying glyphosate if necessary to ensure a clean start once the crop is drilled.

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