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While the most common business structure in UK agriculture is a family partnership, people are increasingly embracing other options. Read expert views on how to set up and manage different business structures including joint ventures, contract farming agreements, as well as traditional partnerships.

Case studies

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How beef farmers are making 15p/kg more in joint venture

Joining a grazing discussion group has provided Charley and Andrea Walker with a solution to relieve pressure on their grassland during dry weather. The Walkers' Barnside Farm in the Scottish…


4 changes a young farmer made to family sheep farm

When young farmer Catherine Sanderson was gifted a third of her grandparents’ farming business, she knew she wanted to help drive it forward without stepping on their toes. Grandparents Ken…


Video: Share farming partnership gives young farmer a break

Young farmer Aled Morgan faced a tough future in farming - with a family farm not big enough for both him and his brother to work on, there were few…


Machinery partnership future-proofs two family farms

As the sons of two Warwickshire arable farmers, Angus Russell and Tom Ellis found themselves in the same boat – keen to carry on the family farm but facing increasing…


How Nuffield Scholarship helped farm ownership dream

Rhys Williams has made a spectacular ascent up the farming ladder since winning a Nuffield Scholarship and travelling abroad to learn the intricacies of wealth creation in dairy farming. While…


How a young farmworker helped solve a succession crisis

The owner of an upland sheep and cattle farm in South Wales has sorted out her succession plan by bringing her farmworker into the business as a junior partner and…

Practical advice

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Sharing kit with your neighbours: Advice on getting started

Pooling machinery and even labour between neighbouring farms may sound like a daunting step, but it could be one that puts you on a path to a happier and more…


Are contract farming agreements fit for the future?

Contract Farming Agreements (CFAs) have been the go-to model for arable collaboration for a number of years but, as the farming industry faces a period of significant change, questions are…


Why share farming can be the fairest joint venture option

Share farming is a business model which deserves to be given serious consideration by anyone thinking about a joint venture, argues Gary Markham, director at rural tax advisers and accountants…


Business Clinic: How farm partner mental capacity affects BPR

Whether it’s a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s experts can help. Craig Tolliday, associate director with Baldwins, addresses questions concerning the mental capacity of a farming…


Business Clinic: Handling partnership shares and care home fees

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Jermaine Smith, an associate with Thrings, advises on tricky partnership capacity issues…


Managing contract farming agreements in difficult seasons

Reducing first charge levels and re-evaluating how to manage land in contract farming agreements can be useful during a challenging financial year. The difficulty of working ground and establishing crops…


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The scheme helping new entrants start joint ventures

In late September this year, the Scottish Government launched an initiative to bring together existing landowners and new entrants who are struggling to find a way into farming. The Scottish…


What's it like being a father and son dairy team?

Father and son team Richard and Tom Calver have a combined 69 years in farming, running a dairy herd and cheesemaking business. Based at Westcombe Dairy in east Somerset, the…