Central England temperatures risen by one degree since 1960

A report published Monday this week (18 Sept) warns that the temperatures in Central England have warmed by one degree Celsius since 1960 and it’s almost certainly a result of manmade climate change.

The claim is made in a new Met Office paper released at the Climate Clinic in Brighton. 

This is the first time scientists have looked at such a small geographical area and identified a temperature rise that can only be attributed to human-induced (Anthropogenic) factors.

Dr Peter Stott, Manager of Understanding and Attributing Climate Change at the Met Office and one of the authors, said, “Because we in the UK hold this unique temperature record stretching back nearly 350 years we are able to say natural variations can’t reasonably be held responsible for what’s happening in Central England.

The authors of the study say that human influence is at least in partesponsible for the one degree of warming since 1960