Ayrshire takes Dairy Interbreed

It was a hard choice, according to judge John Gribbon of Lancashire, when faced with four such fantastic examples of the dairy breed.


But, showing angularity, good legs and feet and a great, understated udder it was the third lactation Ayrshire cow, Haresfoot Pamela 5, of David and Anne Alderson and shown by daughter Katheryn, which impressed most.

One of 10 Ayrshires in a 120 Holstein herd based in Northallerton, Pamela is currently giving 39litres/day and averaging 60litres/day in her first lactation and also took the Senior Cow in Milk champion.


Taking reserve was Brian Whitfield’s sixth-lactation Holstein Avenham Jolt Companion 2, out of Avenham Integrity Companion to Second Look Jolt.

Having given six calves, judge Mr Gribbon said: “This cow is fantastic value, with great angularity and udder. A fine example of the breed.”

reserve%20dairy%20interbreed.jpgInterbreed D C Alderson’s Ayrshire cow Haresfoot Pamela 5; res, B and L Whitfield and Son’s Holstein cow Avenham Jolt Companion

Interbreed Group of Five Jersey; res, Holstein

Holstein B and L Whitfield and Son’s Avenham Jolt Companion; res, A E Jennings’ Bricknell Gibson Peach

Ayrshire D C Alderson’s cow Haresfoot Pamela 5; res, G G Baynes and Son’s cow Morwick Tulip

Jersey Ravenfield Jersey’s cow Ravenfields Jess 5; res, Saxby Family’s cow Saxown Just Blossom 5

Dairy Shorthorn G A and D W Dent’s cow Winbrook Cactus; res, I R G Collins and Partners’ cow Churchroyd Peggy 95