Harvest Highlights: little concern over temporary halt

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As August showers sweep the country, farmers seem unbothered by delays to combining caused by the wet weather, according to reports today (3 August)

Herefordshire farmer Philip Gorringe said harvest was put on hold due to the rain yesterday, but the weather was looking brighter today.

A broken combine also set him back slightly, but he expected to continue combining this afternoon.

Andrew Coster had an inch of rain yesterday in Ripon Yorkshire, but said: “It gave us a chance to clear up and get the oilseed rape in store.”

The oilseed rape had not been “particularly sparkling” yielding 3.5t/ha, but he was glad it came in at less than 9% moisture.

But, the weather was “wet and miserable at the moment” for Ian Piggott in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Rain last night and this morning brought the combine to a halt but he hoped to get going again soon.

He has cut all 125ha of oilseed rape, with Astrid proving the better variety. Some 80ha of wheat has also been done with varied results.

Harvest was slightly ahead of usual for Doug Fowlie in Peterhead, Scotland. Most of the winter barley has been cut, and he expected to start cutting oilseed rape within the next two days.

He added: “A month ago we looked like things were going to be behind this year so it’s amazing how the dry weather had brought it on so quickly.”

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