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Efficient haulage of beet, carrots and potatoes from the harvester demands high capacity trailers (or chasers for beet) with generous tyres for low soil damage impact. Read our guidance on maintenance of tyres and tyre pressures, brakes, hydraulics and lights, and user experience on haulage systems and solutions.

Case studies


Root crop transfer trailer slashes potato harvesting costs

A Norfolk potato business has purchased a Brettmeister K3 transfer trailer for this year’s harvest in the hope of adding some extra slickness to an already efficient harvesting operation. Over…


Diverse workload justifies huge self-propelled chaser

Last winter's biblically wet sugar beet harvest had growers frantically scrabbling to get crops out of the field and, for Nigel Harrison, it was the nudge he needed to invest…

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Largest private classic Ford tractor collection up for grabs

A unique collection of 83 classic Ford tractors owned by avid restorer Phillip Warren is set to be auctioned in Devon. The fleet is thought to be one of the…


J Riley converts old Vervaet beet harvesters to chaser wagons

Vervaet importer J Riley Beet Harvesters has converted and sold the first two self-propelled Beet Eater Chasers to UK contractors, in an attempt to limit soil damage caused by multiple…


Vredo mounts beet box on self-propelled tanker

To limit the effects of tractors and trailers compacting soggy beet fields and help existing customers make the most of its huge machines, Vredo has teamed up with Hawe to…

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