Know How / Seed-bed preparation

Seed-bed preparation is essential for good weed control and high crop germination rates. Get advice on everything you need to do between harvesting the previous crop and drilling the next one. From ploughing to ultra-low disturbance we’ve got every type of tillage practice covered.

Advice and tips


Top winter bean grower shares his establishment tips

Lincolnshire grower Victor Barker consistently achieves high yields for his winter bean crops by ensuring he achieves high-quality seed-beds to enable good establishment. Farming 160ha on the fens at Dowsby,…


Tips on selecting the right cultivator for your soils

Farmers often put a huge amount of effort into selecting the right drill to get cereal crops off to the best start in the autumn, but picking the wrong cultivator…


How to make the most of an early harvest to hit weeds in wheat

An early harvest means farmers can hit grassweeds even harder when establishing wheat, by making greater use of stale seed-beds. This pre-drilling strike against weeds followed by a robust pre-…


How to successfully establish late-drilled wheat

Later drilling dates are being successfully used to achieve high yields and good blackgrass control on many UK farms, with crop management being altered to take account of the risk…

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Case studies


How a min-till approach can improve soil health

A change to the cultivations policy has helped a Shropshire farming estate save both time and money, while also improving the condition of its soils. The previous plough and power…


Min-till system overhaul slashes diesel and slug pelleting

There are many different establishment systems on farms across the UK, but Keith Challen had to look much further afield – to Eastern Europe – to find the drill and…


Why strip-till is key to one farmer's cultivations approach

Strip tillage offers farmers the best of both worlds – a tilled strip offering a good tilth moist, friable, well-draining seed-bed along with some of the benefits of zero tillage. Louise…

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OSR growers advised not to rush into drilling

Oilseed rape growers are being urged to wait for the right conditions for drilling rather than rushing in, as going by calendar date could risk establishment and next year’s yields.…


Rapeseed drilling kicks off in Norfolk

Oilseed rape drilling is under way in Norfolk, with one large estate starting this week as recent rainfall means that even its light, blow-away sandy soil is moist enough for…


Late barley drilling dates requires higher seed rates

Spring barley growers should increase seed rates if drilling is delayed by wet weather in order to increase tiller counts and maximise yield potential. Those using the spring-sown crop as…

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Test and reviews


New drill options for seed-bed fertiliser

New options for growers wanting to apply dry fertiliser when sowing spring cereal crops take different approaches to delivering the material, either down the same spout as the seed or…

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